Aug 10, 2011 — Hercules Education Foundation (HEF) asking parents to support Hercules schools and students


Hercules Education Foundation (HEF) asking parents to support Hercules schools and students

Hercules, California – August 8, 2011 – Hercules schools are in need of help and parents are the key to make a difference said  Ephrem Naizghi, the interim President of Hercules Education Foundation.

The HEF is asking each family in Hercules to contribute 50 dollars to the Foundation to support our students.  Most families invest much more that 50 dollars a year in their children’s education above their tax contribution.  HEF’s  fundraising goal is to double or triple the amount raised last year.

Budget cuts and reduction of resources from District funding has created a serious problem for Hercules students.  Over the last five years, classroom sizes have increased; we have fewer teachers, and reduced support for technical equipment and supplies,  a higher student to teacher ratio, elimination of most A periods, reduction in some arts programs and all GATE funding. The HEF is trying to provide support and make sure our students receive the educational opportunities they deserve.  The foundation focuses on supporting programs that range from tutoring to the arts to scientific and technical equipment and needed supplies.

Ephrem Naizghi, the HEF’s interim President has stated “We must invest in our students to be competitive and successful.  Our keys to success are educational support by our parents and the community.  Our businesses and our city all have a stake in our success.”

Other cities have contributed from $50 to $400 for their educational foundations.  There is a direct relationship between educational success and the amount of dollars received from parent and community support of their students. This year HEF is working with the Hercules Chamber of Commerce to organize a golf tournament set for September 30, 2011, at the Franklin Canyon Golf Course in Hercules.

Each year, the HEF receives donations from individual, about $1,000 from the Hercules Middle High School walk-though registrations and $500 from the Chevron Grants for Good program. Last year, the foundation received $5,000 from the Hercules Golf Tournament which was organized by the City of Hercules. The city was unable to organize the tournament this year so the HEF worked with the Hercules Chamber of Commerce in organizing the event this year. The tournament is set for September 30, 2011 at the Franklin Canyon Golf Course, in Hercules.

During the last school year, the HEF funded $4,249 worth of projects such as the Hercules Middle School Titan Times, art supplies for Ohlone students, the Lupine garden, vocabulary and comprehension program for Hanna Ranch students for the second year and the biggest investment was the Hercules Middle School Choices program, designed to curb high school drop out rates and help students think about their responsibilities in life.

The HEF has two fundraising goals this year. One is the golf tournament which we are hoping to raise at least $5,000 and the other is by increasing the amount from $10 to $50 per family at the Middle High School walk through registration we are hopping to raise $15,000-$20,000. From the about 1500 families we raised $1,000 last year. This means that only 100 families gave $10 each. We hope to raise $10,000-20,000

The HEF trustees include interim President and Director of Communications Ephrem Naizghi, Vice President Sundeep Seth, Secretary Don Kuehne, Treasurer Bob Redlo, Director of Grants Richard RosenbaumCurrently, the Fundraising, Marketing, Event Planning, Funds Allocation and Accounting positions are still open.

Contact Ephrem Naizghi or Bob Redlo at (510) 224-3722 or

1511M Sycamore Ave #286  Hercules, CA 94547


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