Hercules Education Foundation grants help support projects that support our youth, teachers and schools grades K-12 in Hercules, California.

We are currently updating our projects archive, so check back soon. Here are the types of projects HEF helps fund:

Engineering Program
Document Reader
Support for Field Trip
The Titans Times (Newspaper)
Art Supply
The Little Red School House (Lupine Workshop Shed)
Health and Nutrition (SPARK)
Enriched Vocabulary and Comprehension Skill Program
The Choices Program

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2019-2020

School NameProject Title or Description
Hercules High SchoolModel Aviation Student Club – Otmishi
Hercules High SchoolSTEM Fatale Club – Gatchalian
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolIfuture to Improve Student Attendance – Merza-Fillpot
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolScholastic News Magazine – Mitra
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolReading and Writing Journey Ahead – Inglish (DC 2x)
Hercules High SchoolCan You Hear It Now? – Cody (DC 1.5x)
Hercules High SchoolSquiggly Kid Remedies to Support Learning! – Giusto (DC 1.5x)
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Learning in Kindergarten – Disbrow
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Making Learning Fun – Bailey
Hercules Middle SchoolJunior Scholastic Magazine for Current Events – Peters
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolReading Supported by Technology (Raz-Plus) – Dauer-Sargentini
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolRaz-Plus Subscription for Classroom Library – Kozanevich
Ohlone Elementary SchoolSupport Future Scientists – Minoru (DC 1.5x)
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolTechnology for Kindergartners – Hague (DC 1.5x)
Hercules High SchoolString Bass Needed! – Wong (DC 1.5x)
Hercules Middle School4th Annual Kwanzaa Celebration – Peters
Hercules Middle SchoolBlack Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad – Gadd
Hercules High SchoolGravity Never Takes a Holiday!  Myers (DC 2x)
Hercules Middle SchoolBroadcast/Podcast/Online Radio – Owens (DC)
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolMath Night and Math Lab – Merza-Fillpot
Hercules Middle SchoolMaterials for Student-Led Maker Faire – Anthony
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolCivil Rights Books – Maxey
Hanna Ranch Elementary School3-D Sculptors – Nontha
Hercules Middle/High SchoolHercules Sensory Garden Potting Bench – Ogura
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolEngaging P.E. – Shader
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolDigital Artwork in the Primary Classroom – Valdez
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolDifferentiated Learning Through Technology – Fernandez (DC)
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolSeesaw Subscription for Online Learning – Valdez

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2018-2019

School NameProject Title or Description
Hercules Middle SchoolMr. Owens:  Broadcast/Podcast/Online Radio, grades 6-8
Hercules High SchoolMr. Myers:  Gravity Never Takes a Holiday, grades 9-12 Physics
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolMrs. Inglish, grades 3-5
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolMrs. H:  Technology for Kindergartners
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Language Arts – Disbrow
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Math License – Disbrow
Hercules Middle SchoolDiabetic Snack Project – Nunez
Hercules MS/HSSensory Garden Paver Project – Ogura
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolCelebrating Diversity – Draper
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolRecreational Activities During Lunch Recess – Bradford
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolSTEM Robotics for Kindergarten – Valdez
Hercules High SchoolModel Aviation Student Club – Otmishi
Hercules Middle SchoolChoices Career Program for 8th Graders
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolHDTV & DVD Player for Multicultural Series – Shader
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolHDTV & DVD Player for Science & Literature – Cole
Hercules High SchoolSTEM Fatale Club – Gatchalian
Hercules High SchoolHDTV for Math-A-Thon Project – Cruzat
Hercules Middle SchoolCustom-Made Stamps for Each Teacher – Anthony
Hercules High SchoolResources Revitalizing Student Responsiveness – Giusto (DC)

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2017-18

School NameProject Title or Description
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolStarfall Website License – Valdez
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolBooks Kids Love – Creeley
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolRevamp Workshop Centers – Maxey
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolStory Builders Workshops – Cole
Hercules MS/HSStorage and Tools for Sensory Garden – Ogura (DC)
Ohlone Elementary SchoolFun Materials to Help Special Needs Students Learn (DC)
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolArt Printing Project – Draper
Hercules Middle School PTATeacher Appreciation
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolMono Printing Project – Dwiggens
Hercules Middle SchoolFilm and Theater Arts Clothing – Owens
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolEgg Incubator & Accessories – Hedeen/Demshok
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolLiteracy Workshop – Dauer-Sargentini
Ohlone Elementary SchoolOhlone Hackathon – Sims
Hercules, Pinole Valley, John SwettBay Front Chamber High School Scholarship Fund

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2016-17

School NameProject Title or Description 
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolLakeshore White Boards – Cole
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolGarden Project – Draper
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolScience Materials – Szkup
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolMulticultural Classroom Library – Creeley
Hercules Middle SchoolSensory Resource Room – Saez
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolStarfall Educational Website – Valdez
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolStand-Up Desk – Mula
Hercules Middle SchoolHunger Games Project – Peters
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolMulticultural Books – Maxey
Hercules Middle SchoolKeep Me Mobile and Connected with Students – Owens (DC)
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolBooks for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Celebration – Demshok
Hercules Middle SchoolChoices Career Program
Hercules High SchoolCareer Day 2017
Hercules Middle SchoolBooks for Struggling Readers – Anthony
Ohlone Elementary SchoolWe Are Ready to Learn More Functional Academics! – (DC)
Hercules HS/MSAccessible Picnic Table in Sensory Garden – Ogura (DC)
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolStudent Planners for Grades 3-5
Ohlone Elementary SchoolHackathon Project – Sims
Bay Front ChamberHigh School Scholarship Fund