Hercules Education Foundation grants help support projects that support our youth, teachers and schools grades K-12 in Hercules, California.

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2022-23

School NameProject Title or Description
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolSupporting Schoolwide Needs - IXL License - Santiago
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolGarden Project - Sheldon
Three Elementary SchoolsElementary Music Podiums - Hadeishi
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolHigh Interest Books & Display Shelf - Creeley
Hercules Middle SchoolAutism Acceptance Month - Books 2022 - Whittemore
Hercules High SchoolBring on Lacrosse! - Lazaridis
Hercules High SchoolShopping Trip to the Teachers' Online Shopping Mall - Biln
Hercules High SchoolCareer Prep Needs Some Little Things - Owens
Hercules Middle SchoolMindfulness & Meaningful Conversations - Barron
Ohlone Elementary SchoolUp, Up, and Away! - Silva
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolReady, Set, Learn - Hague
Hercules Middle SchoolMeasure Twice and Science Often - Parker
Hercules High SchoolA Smartboard for Spanish Class- That's How We Roll - Biln
Hercules Middle SchoolFinancial Literacy for Future Leaders - Kira
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolHelp Me Create a Science Center for TK! - Turner
Ohlone Elementary SchoolFunctional Academics: Teaching Basic Financial Literacy to Special Needs Students - Mirandilla
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolSouthwest Flight Epass for ASHA Conference - Wheeldon
Ohlone Elementary SchoolBooks from this Decade! - Alvarez
Lupine Hills Elementary School3D Pens in the Classroom - Inglish
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolReading and writing Centers - Dauer-Sargentini
Hercules Middle SchoolSouthwest Flight Epass Grant - Lipscomb
Hercules High SchoolBooks for Pleasure - Hernandez
Hercules High SchoolLiteracy in French Class - Cody
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolDiverse Fantasy Novels for Book Clubs - Maxey
Hercules High SchoolLearning Is Fun and Creative! - Gatchalian
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolEngaging Curriculum for My Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder - Mo
Ohlone Elementary SchoolEnrichment Activities: Grammar and Writing - Masalta
Hercules Middle SchoolTitan Tickets and Positive Behavior Rewards - Owens
Hercules Middle SchoolConnecting Students to Global Economy - Kira
Hercules High SchoolBumping Out During Physical Education - Grecco
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolFlexible Seating Equals More Focused Students - Maxey
Hercules High SchoolSnacks for Students for College Workshops - Ly

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2021-22

School NameProject Title or Description
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolGraphic Novels - Maxey
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolEngaging Books Project - Creeley
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolPaperless Homework Project - Hedeen
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolColor Printer Project - Valdez
Hercules Middle SchoolA Little Protection - Owens
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolA Table Is a Place to Learn - Santiago
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolHands-on Learning for Kindergarten Readers... - Hague
Ohlone Elementary School2nd grade Writers in the Making - Moran
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolPlay-Based Learning - Wong
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolKindergarten Rocking Readers with Raz-Plus - Dauer-Sargentini
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolSupporting Student Literacy - Yang
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolSeat Cushions for the Class - Nontha
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolCreative Art Activities - Earl
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolDiverse Book Club Books - Maxey
Hercules High SchoolBumper Plates for Days - Lazaridis
Hercules High SchoolMascaraed of Masks Project - Hernandez
Ohlone Elementary SchoolGet Your Books Right Here - Avina
Ohlone Elementary SchoolLet's Explore What Owls Eat - Avina
Hercules Middle SchoolImagination in 3D - Barron
Hercules High SchoolTechnology Tools To Enhance Our Music Program - Wong
Hercules High SchoolWatch and Learn STEM - Gatchalian
Hercules High SchoolTools of the Science Trade - Parker
Hercules High SchoolStudent Requested Books for Our Library Collection - Little
Hercules Middle SchoolNear Space Atmosphere - Thomas
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolUpdate for Outdated Classroom Library - Kozanevich
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolMulticultural Picture Books for History - Schultz
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolAt Your Seat Storage Stack - Singh
Hercules High SchoolSocks for Soccer - Whittemore
Hercules Middle SchoolLeadership Colors ? Owens
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolPromote Equity Themed Reading Habits ? Knoblauch
Hercules Middle/High SchoolI Can See Clearly Now! ? Ogura
Hercules High SchoolStem In Physical Education - Lazaridis
Hercules High SchoolInfluence of Music on Dance ? Levitt
Hercules Middle SchoolTake Home Creativity ? Genna
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolBuild It In Kindergarten! - Valdez
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolMaking Patterns with Beads - Creeley
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolTeaching STEM - Hadeen
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIncreasing Communication Skils of Students with Autism - Mirandilla
Hercules High SchoolYes We Can - Gatchalian
Hercules High SchoolLet's Explore Metric Applications - Cody
Hercules High SchoolI Can Participate! - Ogura
Hercules Middle SchoolNear Space Project 2 - Thomas
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolHelp My Students Get Active - Turner

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2020-21

School NameProject Title or Description
Hercules High SchoolSo You Wanna be a Tuber - Knoblauch
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolSoial Skills for Social Thinkers - Marchesi
Hercules High SchoolTutorial Made Easy - Pacho
Hercules High SchoolQuality Equip. for High-Qual. Distance Learning - Kira
Hercules High SchoolQuality Web Cam for Sync. (Live) Teaching... - Kira
Hercules High SchoolHigh Quality Tech. for Distance Learning - Hernandez
Hercules High SchoolA Monitor In To The World - Hernandez
Hercules High School...Better, Faster, Newer Way of Learning - Gatchalian
Hercules High SchoolCause & Effect Accessibility - Ogura
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolScience & Social Studies for Our Youngest... - Dauer-Sargentini
Hercules High SchoolVoces for AP Spanish Students - Hernandez
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolScience & Social Studies for Our Youngest... - Earl
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolScience & Social Studies for Our Youngest... - Hague
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolSocial Skills for Speech Therapy - Wheeldon
Ohlone Elementary SchoolPhenomenal Readers Need High-Interest Books! - Avina
Hercules High SchoolApplied Sciences at Home - Coach Grecco
Hercules High SchoolPrint and Learn Sports Science - Coach Grecco
Hercules High SchoolLearn Physics Easier! - Ms. S
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Fluency in Language Arts - Chai
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Synchronous Distance Learning - Bailey
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolIXL Math at Hanna Ranch - Santiago
Hercules High SchoolPrize, Prize, Prize! Read Books, Get a Reward! - Ms. S
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolHigh Interest Reading for 2nd Graders - Creeley
Hercules High SchoolExercise Your Mind and Body - Levitt
Hercules High SchooliPad is Needed to Check Students' Attendance - Ms. S
Hercules High SchoolDiverse Books Needed to Reflect Our Student Body! - Lounnas
Hercules Middle SchoolAdd a Little Color to Our Lives! - Owens
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolTechology for Kindergarten (Used iPads) - Valdez

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2019-2020

School NameProject Title or Description
Hercules High SchoolModel Aviation Student Club - Otmishi
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolIfuture to Improve Student Attendance - Merza-Fillpot
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolReading and Writing Journey Ahead - Inglish
Hercules High SchoolCan You Hear It Now? - Cody
Hercules High SchoolSquiggly Kid Remedies to Support Learning! - Giusto
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Learning in Kindergarten - Disbrow
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Making Learning Fun - Bailey
Hercules Middle SchoolJunior Scholastic Magazine for Current Events - Peters
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolReading Supported by Technology (Raz-Plus) - Dauer-Sargentini
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolRaz-Plus Subscription for Classroom Library - Kozanevich
Ohlone Elementary SchoolSupport Future Scientists - Minoru
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolTechnology for Kindergartners - Hague
Hercules High SchoolString Bass Needed! - Wong
Hercules High SchoolGravity Never Takes a Holiday! Myers
Hercules Middle SchoolBroadcast/Podcast/Online Radio - Owens
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolMath Night and Math Lab - Merza-Fillpot
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolCivil Rights Books - Maxey
Hanna Ranch Elementary School3-D Sculptors - Nontha
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolDigital Artwork in the Primary Classroom - Valdez
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolDifferentiated Learning Through Technology - Fernandez
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolSeesaw Plus Subscription for Online Learning - Valdez
Hercules Middle SchoolMiddle Earth for Middle Schoolers - Owens
Hercules High SchoolModern Sound and Music - Genna

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2018-2019

School NameProject Title or Description
Hercules Middle SchoolMr. Owens:  Broadcast/Podcast/Online Radio, grades 6-8
Hercules High SchoolMr. Myers:  Gravity Never Takes a Holiday, grades 9-12 Physics
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolMrs. Inglish, grades 3-5
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolMrs. H:  Technology for Kindergartners
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Language Arts – Disbrow
Ohlone Elementary SchoolIXL Math License – Disbrow
Hercules Middle SchoolDiabetic Snack Project – Nunez
Hercules MS/HSSensory Garden Paver Project – Ogura
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolCelebrating Diversity – Draper
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolRecreational Activities During Lunch Recess – Bradford
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolSTEM Robotics for Kindergarten – Valdez
Hercules High SchoolModel Aviation Student Club – Otmishi
Hercules Middle SchoolChoices Career Program for 8th Graders
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolHDTV & DVD Player for Multicultural Series – Shader
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolHDTV & DVD Player for Science & Literature – Cole
Hercules High SchoolSTEM Fatale Club – Gatchalian
Hercules High SchoolHDTV for Math-A-Thon Project – Cruzat
Hercules Middle SchoolCustom-Made Stamps for Each Teacher – Anthony
Hercules High SchoolResources Revitalizing Student Responsiveness – Giusto (DC)

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2017-18

School NameProject Title or Description
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolStarfall Website License – Valdez
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolBooks Kids Love – Creeley
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolRevamp Workshop Centers – Maxey
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolStory Builders Workshops – Cole
Hercules MS/HSStorage and Tools for Sensory Garden – Ogura (DC)
Ohlone Elementary SchoolFun Materials to Help Special Needs Students Learn (DC)
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolArt Printing Project – Draper
Hercules Middle School PTATeacher Appreciation
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolMono Printing Project – Dwiggens
Hercules Middle SchoolFilm and Theater Arts Clothing – Owens
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolEgg Incubator & Accessories – Hedeen/Demshok
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolLiteracy Workshop – Dauer-Sargentini
Ohlone Elementary SchoolOhlone Hackathon – Sims
Hercules, Pinole Valley, John SwettBay Front Chamber High School Scholarship Fund

Hercules Education Foundation Projects Funded for 2016-17

School NameProject Title or Description
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolLakeshore White Boards – Cole
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolGarden Project – Draper
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolScience Materials – Szkup
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolMulticultural Classroom Library – Creeley
Hercules Middle SchoolSensory Resource Room – Saez
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolStarfall Educational Website – Valdez
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolStand-Up Desk – Mula
Hercules Middle SchoolHunger Games Project – Peters
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolMulticultural Books – Maxey
Hercules Middle SchoolKeep Me Mobile and Connected with Students – Owens (DC)
Hanna Ranch Elementary SchoolBooks for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Celebration – Demshok
Hercules Middle SchoolChoices Career Program
Hercules High SchoolCareer Day 2017
Hercules Middle SchoolBooks for Struggling Readers – Anthony
Ohlone Elementary SchoolWe Are Ready to Learn More Functional Academics! – (DC)
Hercules HS/MSAccessible Picnic Table in Sensory Garden – Ogura (DC)
Lupine Hills Elementary SchoolStudent Planners for Grades 3-5
Ohlone Elementary SchoolHackathon Project – Sims
Bay Front ChamberHigh School Scholarship Fund