The Choices Program is a National Program that includes a two day interactive program for eighth grade students where students learn the value of staying in school and why college and higher education is important in a student’s success in life. The program has been given to over 6 million students across the country over the last five years.

Students participate in the seminar and feel they are part of its success. The program challenges students to think about why school is important and how the decisions they make affect their own success. It empowers teens to achieve academic success and to think about their own responsibilities and the actions of their own decisions.

In two 50-minute sessions, local business and community volunteers take students through real-world exercises on academic self-discipline, time and money management, and goal setting. Teens discover that they can take charge of their lives.

The program has demonstrated significant success in lowering dropout rates and increasing academic success. With the assistance of parent volunteers, the classes are given once a year to all eighth graders. The students are given rewards for completing the two day class and both student and teacher evaluations demonstrate the value of the program. HEF looks forward to continuing this program over the next five years.